Time Powers
Time Shield
Example of Jack attacking using Time Shield
Time Shield
Type Defensive + Offensive
Acquired Act 1, Part 3: Library Chase
Input XboxOne B
Power Stats

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Slow Time
Increased Power


Recovery (1 Chronon Source)
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Slow Time (4 Chronon Sources)
Increased Power (6 Chronon Sources)

Effects Protects player from minor damage; regenerates health

Time Shield[1] is one of six Time Powers acquired in Quantum Break.


Time Shield is a defensive move used by Chronon active individuals to protect against small projectiles. Shields are created using the Chronon energy stored within their bodies. Chronon active users are able to manipulate the chronon field around them to create the shield to use offensively or defensively.


Time Shield allows players protect Jack Joyce against an overwhelming number of enemies during combat. Pressing XboxOne B activates Time Shield, which both protects Jack from bullet barrages. Time Shield allows players to regenerate health if Jack has sustained too much damage during combat. Time shield does not, however, protect against grenade attacks, nor does it prevent enemies from entering its sphere of influence.

Not dissimilar from Time Dodge, Time Shield can be used to knock enemies off balance. Activating the ability within close proximity will knock enemies away from the player, leaving them vulnerable and easier to attack. Like most Chronon abilities, Time Shield can be disabled if a Chronon dampener is enabled.


Time Shield can be upgraded a number of three times:

  • Recovery costs one Chronon Source. Recovery decreases the amount of time taken to recover health.
  • Slow Time costs four Chronon Sources. Slow Time causes time to slow down.
  • Increased Power costs six Chronon Sources. Increased Power increases the duration of Time Shield and has a larger area of effect.