Time Stabber (Narrative Object)
Time Stabber
SubjectTime Knife
AuthorBruce Livingstone
DateMay 20th, 2016
ActAct 5: I'll Come Back For You
PartAct 5, Part 1: Monarch HQ
LocationMonarch HQ
PreviousAbout my SCREENPLAY and new video!!!
NextRe: Time Machine Core

Time Stabber (Narrative Object) is a video Narrative Object found in Act 5, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The video is a teaser for the sequel to Bruce Livingstone's script for Time Knife for his Kickstarter campaign.


Eighties-esque music plans as screen fades in to man's back facing camera. The man turns as the music intensifies and jabs upright with weapon as stylized title, TIME STABBER: TIME TO KILL, appears on screen at angle.


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