Time Powers
Time Stop
Time Stop
Type Defensive + Offensive
Acquired Act 1, Part 2: Campus Escape
Input XboxOne RB, XboxOne LT (aim)
Power Stats

Increased Strength
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Increased Size
Extra Activation


Increased Strength (1 Chronon Source)
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Increased Size (4 Chronon Sources)
Extra Activation (6 Chronon Sources)

Effects Freezes enemies within a sphere of frozen time

Time Stop[1] is one of six Time Powers acquired in Quantum Break.


During Jack and William Joyce's escape from the Project Promenade Lab, they were attacked by a Monarch Security Guard. "Time Stop" was one of the very first abilities that manifested within Jack shortly after his exposure to Chronon energy. Jack learned that he could freeze people and objects in time within a focused area and control the ability at all.


Time Stop freezes objects and combatants in place, allowing the player to solve puzzles or avoid attacks. Tapping XboxOne RB activates Time Stop, and XboxOne LT allows players to aim the attack where they want.

Stacking Bullets allows players to fire into Time Stops to inflict massive damage on enemies with a single attack after firing multiple rounds from any given firearm at Jack Joyce's disposal.

Puzzle segments throughout the game often require a combination Time Stop and Time Dodge or Time Rush to halt object trapped in a unstable loop during stutters.


Time Stop can be upgraded a number of three times:

  • Increased Strength costs one Chronon Source. Increased Strength increases the duration of the Time Stop, allowing players to fire a weapon's max bullet capacity into the effected area.
  • Increased Size costs four Chronon Sources. Increased Size increases the size of Time Stop's area of effect, allowing players to trap multiple enemies within the sphere.
  • Extra Activation costs six Chronon Sources. Extra Activation allows plays to attack enemies with Time Stop three times simultaneously.