Emily Burke (Episode 4)-01

Example of closed caption in Quantum Break: Liam Burke promises to come back for his wife, Emily Burke in "Episode 4: Lifeboat Protocol" (Control Junction).

Transcripts are a written format of content from visual or audio media. The following is a list of closed captioned transcripts for the 2016 video game and live action television series, Quantum Break. Transcripts are posted on the Quantum Break Wiki by Wikia Contributors under fair use laws for referential and educational purposes.

Act 1: The Number One Killer is TimeEdit

Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Riverport University Experiment" Not Determined
2 2 "Camus Escape" Not Determined
3 3 "Library Chase" Not Determined
4 4 "Juncton 1:Hardline/PR" Not Determined
5 5 "Episode 1: Monarch Solutions" Not Determined

Act 2: Perfect Place to Hide SomethingEdit

Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Industrial Area" Not Determined
2 2 "Ground Zero" Not Determined
3 3 "Bradbury Swimming Pool" Not Determined
4 4 "Junction 2: Business/Personal" Not Determined
5 5 "Episode 2: Prisoner" Not Determined

Act 3: The Wine and Cheese CrowdEdit

Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Monarch Research Facility" Not Determined
2 2 "Monarch Gala" Not Determined
3 3 "Junction 3: Amaral/Hatch" Not Determined
4 4 "Episode 3: Deception" Not Determined

Act 4: The Secret History of Time TravelEdit

Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Port Donnelly Bridge" Not Determined
2 2 "Preparing the Time Machine" Not Determined
3 3 "Swimming Pool 2010" Not Determined
4 4 "Will's Workshop 2010" Not Determined
5 5 "Junction 4: Control/Surrender" Not Determined
6 6 "Episode 4: Lifeboat Protocol" Not Determined

Act 5: I'll Come Back For YouEdit

Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Monarch HQ" Not Determined
2 2 "Return to the University" Not Determined
3 3 "Final Moments" Not Determined

Video DiariesEdit

Main article: Diaries

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