Will's Journal
Os a4p1 080
SubjectJack Joyce's departure from Riverport
AuthorWilliam Joyce
DateJune 7th, 2010
ActAct 4: The Secret History of Time Travel
PartAct 4, Part 4: Will's Workshop 2010
LocationWill's Workshop
PreviousRise of Monarch Whiteboard
NextCountermeasure Designs

Will's Journal is a document Narrative Object found in Act 4, Part 4 of Quantum Break. The document an excerpt from William Joyce's journal regarding the departure of Jack Joyce.


June 7th, 2010

The countermeasure is near completion. I should be celebrating. I should be excited. 11 years of work is coming to an end. But there is a weight on my mind. I can’t shake it off.

Jack came to see me. He found out that I sold our parents’ house to continue funding my research. Understandably, he was furious. After all, the house was left to both of us. He doesn’t understand the necessity of what I’m doing here. Talking turned to yelling. Yelling turned to pushing. He told me it wasn’t mine to sell. He told me they were his parents too. He told me that I was a piece of shit.

I was angry. I couldn’t contain myself. And then I said it. I still don’t believe the words came out of my mouth.

I told him that it was his fault. The car crash. I told him that he was to blame for everything we’d been through. I knew it was the one thing that could truly hurt him. And I used it.

I can justify my actions as a result of months of fatigue, frustration, lack of sleep. It was wrong. I knew it as soon as I said it. He just stood there, devastated, for what felt like minutes. I could see a wall building between us.

He told me he’s leaving this town. He’s never coming back.

That was three days ago. I haven’t been able to reach him since.

I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t concentrate. I know the countermeasure will be finished soon, but that victory is a hollow one now.

I’ve spent 11 years building a device to save the world. The only thing that kept me going all this time was the fact that there was one person in this world that I needed to protect, no matter what the cost.

I just lost him.

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