Quantum Break - William Joyce Diaries06:59

Quantum Break - William Joyce Diaries

Will Joyce Diary 1 (also known as The Countermeasure) is the first of four unlockable video diaries for William Joyce in Quantum Break.


Sunday, July 4, 2010, 8:01 am
On the completion of William's labors.
DURATION: 0:00-1:55


[William Joyce begins recording. He pulls his hand away from the lens of the camera and settles behind the Countermeasure.]

WILLIAM: Alright. July fourth, two thousand and ten. It's 9:00am, and...

[William checks his watch and glances up at the sunlight on his left, closing his eyes.]

WILLIAM: Beautiful day. [Laughs] It's a beautiful day.

[William turns to look at the Countermeasure]

WILLIAM: It's finished. It's finally finished, eleven years. In 1999, she warned me that my research may lead to a Fracture in time. Covered my tracks, hid the machine, but it wasn't enough. The Fracture's no longer a possibility, it's imminent.

[William reaches over and raises the Countermeasure off platform]

WILLIAM: This is the Countermeasure. This is the assurance that the Fracture will no longer run its course. The science is sound, now it's just up to the execution.

[He sits the Countermeasure down, looks contemplative]

WILLIAM: I haven't heard from Beth Wilder in months. I dunno --- I don't know if something's happened to her. But, I get the feeling I'm being watched. Watched. I can' tally the amount of things I've sacrificed in my life... for this. I've isolated everyone I've ever cared about. My relationship with my brother, everything. This has to work, it can't be for nothing.

[William reaches over and turns camera off]

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