Quantum Break - William Joyce Diaries06:59

Quantum Break - William Joyce Diaries

Will Joyce Diary 3 (also known as Core is Active) is the third of four unlockable video diaries for William Joyce in Quantum Break. The video appears in Act 4, Part 2, but is not counted as a Narrative Object.


Sunday, February 28, 1999, 1:26 am
On the first activation of William's time machine.
DURATION: 2:39-4:52


[William Joyce begins recording. He stares into the camera, then backs away from it, positioning himself.]

WILLIAM: Okay, the date is ---

[William looks down at his watch.]

WILLIAM: The date is--- uh, it's February twenty eight, nineteen-ninety-nine. William Joyce. After months of arduous work, my machine is finally ready for human testing.

[William approaches the camera slowly.]

WILLIAM: Ready, as defined by mean, since ready is obviously a relative term when you're dealing with the deformation of the Chronon field, and me creating a black hole of mass density by...

[William stops himself, raising his hands in pause.]

WILLIAM: Tangent. Okay, in short summary, I built a time machine, and it works. And I'm gonna prove it... or die.

[William steps away from the camera. The video begins to break up, the tape's tracking acting up. Footage reverts to a washed out background with two figures standing apart. The figure on the right begins shaking. The tape's tracking rolls back to William's recording.]

WILLIAM: [Offscreen] When I enter the machine, I will travel clockwise around the corridor.

[A light appears on the right edge of the footage. The tape's tracking begins to act up as the time machine core starts up.]

WILLIAM: The Core is active. Chronon levels are stable.

[William walks back into the eye of the camera.]

WILLIAM: I will travel clockwise around the corridor, exiting back in the same location in the near future. Oh!

[William reaches over and picks up a clock.]

WILLIAM: This clock is set to my watch. Now...

[William ducks out of sight, begins typing something.]

WILLIAM: When I exit the machine, there should be a significant difference in time between my watch and the clock in this room. Corridor is locked in place. Okay, setting the date to five minutes in the future for the first test.

[William steps back into view.]

WILLIAM: Now admittedly, traveling to the past would be much more impressive. But I can only travel backwards in time only as far as the first activation of the machine's core, which is, well, now.

[William looks to the right.]

WILLIAM: Okay, machine's ready, monitor is stable. What I'm about to do, is going to change the very fabric---

[The time machine discharges energy. William looks down and turns to the left.]

WILLIAM: I don't remember...

[A gun goes off, William falls over, knocks down the camera. The camera loses focus, tracking becomes progressively worse. William clutches his left should, his expression painful. Gunshots go off above him, the video ends.]

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