Quantum Break - William Joyce Diaries06:59

Quantum Break - William Joyce Diaries

Will Joyce Diary 4 (also known as I have to Fix It) is the fourth of four unlockable video diaries for William Joyce in Quantum Break. The video appears in Act 4, Part 4, but is not counted as a Narrative Object.


Sunday, April 2, 1999, 10:42 am
On the events that have taken place since February 28, 1999.
DURATION: 4:55-6:58


[Will turns on the camera. His left arm is bandaged and in a sling, hidden in his outer shirt. He breathes a couple of times.]

WILLIAM: It's... April second, nineteen-ninety-nine. It's been about a month since the incident... since I was shot by the man from the future. Since Wilder... I've moved the machine. Hidden it. I wish I could destroy it, but um...

[William stops for a moment.]

WILLIAM: I made her tell me as little as possible. The more I know about what'll happen, the worse it'll be. We're all puppets. I can take that as long as I can't tell the difference. I think she understood.

[William grabs a cloth from the table and throws it aside.]

WILLIAM: What's it matter anyway? She told me the Fracture's gonna happen. Because of what I did. It's... I have to fix it. I have to. I don't know how yet. I have to f- I have to build a countermeasure of some kind. I know the theoretical mechanism of the field's collapse, but... How to stop it? Let alone reverse it? It will take... years... of research. I have no idea how to do this. How to pay for it. I don't know. ...Wilder's from the future, and she came to me. I have to assume... that I was successful. I... Why else would she come to me?

[William stands up and turns off the camera.]

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